Professional Resume of Ash Harris

Continual learning, improvement and professional networking.

My career has been dedicated to simplifying the complex and providing solutions that serve businesses large and small. My focus has always been offering the right guidance, tools and services to address the unique needs of each individual business, organization and client that I’ve had the privilege to work with.

~ Ash Harris

Brands That Ash Has Been Privileged To Serve


Brands That Ash Has Been Privileged To Serve


Commitment to Understanding

First, we listen. Understanding people is the beginning of the path to creating useful solutions.

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Commitment to Serving

Genuine desire to serve in overcoming business challenges and be the facilitator in solution development.

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Commitment to Excellence

Excellent solutions resolve today’s issues and are crafted with consideration of what can be known about tomorrow.

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Professional Summary

Accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in technical consulting and strategic business development across various sectors. Renowned for driving growth and expanding operational footprints through innovative strategies and robust client relationships. Demonstrates proficiency in leveraging consultative sales techniques and strategic educational approaches to enhance client adoption and retention. Excels at cultivating strategic relationships and promoting corporate value propositions, consistently traveling to engage with industry partners and bolster business reputation and market presence.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Business Development & Sales: Expertise in utilizing business intelligence to develop strategic initiatives and cross-selling techniques, underpinned by strong negotiation and contract management skills.
  • Technical Consulting & Solution Selling: Skilled in identifying client requirements and providing bespoke solutions through expert consulting, focusing on strategic problem-solving and value creation.
  • Client Engagement & Communication: Outstanding presentation and communication abilities in both in-person and virtual settings, including adept management of virtual meetings and technology setups.
  • Relationship Management: Proficient in developing strategic partnerships and maintaining client relationships through emotional intelligence and active listening to address and resolve complex challenges.

Areas of Expertise

Business Acumen

BUSINESS: Business Development, Business Intelligence, Proposal Creation, Contract Design

SALES: Consultative Solution Selling, Strategy Development, Client Engagement & Communications, Persuasive Negotiation, Cross Selling

PRESENTATION: Leading Virtual and In-Person Meetings, Public Speaking, Event MC

Technology Strengths

PRODUCTIVITY: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Teams), Google Suite, SalesForce

VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Zoom, Tech and Environment Setup for Professional Virtual Meetings

ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE: Adobe Suite, Web Design, Graphic Design, SAAS, Mobile

Professional Experience

Dover & Company

Director of Marketing
Dec 2023 – Present

Strategic Marketing Foundation: Developed the strategic marketing plan using Acumatica ERP platform insights to drive data-informed decisions and support marketing initiatives.

Digital Strategy Initiation: Initiated a comprehensive revamp of the digital marketing strategy, enhancing SEO, content marketing and social media engagement to significantly boost online visibility and credibility.

Innovative Brand Positioning: Established a dynamic brand strategy using digital tools and analytics to position Dover & Company prominently within the regional market with expansion plans both statewide and beyond.

Scepter Marketing

Director of Business Development
June 2023 – December 2023

Strategic Growth & Market Expansion: Led strategic planning and execution of business development efforts, focusing on the promotion and sales of advanced marketing automation tools.

Client Relationships & Account Acquisition: Enhanced client relationships and account acquisition through empathetic engagement and personalized communication strategies, securing significant account acquisitions.

Market Analysis & Insight Strategy: Performed thorough market analysis to identify trends and opportunities, devising proactive strategies to position the company advantageously against competitors.

AKEA Web Solutions

January 2010 – May 2023

Strategic Leadership & Market Expansion: Transformed AKEA from a regional Midwest provider into a global leader in web accessibility, significantly growing market share and establishing pivotal partnerships with top-tier institutions.

Brand Development & Strategic Alliances: Developed and implemented a brand strategy that solidified AKEA as an authority in web accessibility, enhancing global visibility and fostering business growth.

Advocacy & Industry Influence: Actively engaged with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), influencing global web accessibility standards, and promoting digital inclusivity.

The Drinking Lunch | Business Networking

Creator & Co-Founder
September 2015 – July 2022

Founded and led Lansing MI’s premier monthly business networking event, building a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and professionals.
Created opportunities for business growth among participants through effective networking and collaboration, bolstering the local business ecosystem.

Created opportunities for business growth among participants through effective networking and collaboration, bolstering the local business ecosystem.

Center for Educational Networking

Technology Solutions Team Lead
February 2004 – April 2014

Led the development of digital strategies to enhance communication and service delivery for grant-funded agencies within Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education (MDE/OSE).
Managed a technical team to deploy innovative solutions that met with the unique needs of clients, enhancing engagement and communication efficacy.

Certifications & Education

Google AdWords Certified

Effective Communications and Human Relations

Leadership Training for Managers

Bachelor of Science

Always developing. Always seeking the next challenge.

Life is full of challenges and new opportunities. Know your strengths, continually develop yourself and push your limits.

But remember: No one truly succeeds alone. Don’t forget the importance of your network.

Business development is the art of understanding the facts of your current position in the market and applying the right strategies to expand your profile, grow your market share, demonstrate your indispensability.

Connect with the right people in your market niche and communicate your unique proposition. Engage them with evidence. Build your book of business with lifelong clients who rely on you.

It truly is “who you know.” There’s no denying it. Always be looking for that next connection. But – give first.

Find Your People.

In life and business, it really matters who surrounds you. Be intentional about building your network – and be picky. It’s worth it. Find the people who drive you to be better – and do the same for them in return.

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